Russians rise to the Adele Challenge

Getty Images; Pixabay

The decision of British singer Adele to give up performing, which she announced at the end of 2018, has given rise to a global flash mob. Soon after her announcement, a video clip featuring Haribo Gummy Bears appeared on the internet. In it, a bear cub sings Adele's song Someone Like You to the accompaniment of other bears.  It has so far attracted 1.4m likes and became the first of a series of video clips hashtagged #adelechallenge. All of them jokingly recreate a real concert given by Adele during which the audience sings along with her so enthusiastically that she can’t actually be heard.

Russian Instagram has also joined in, posting dozens of users' own versions based on the original video. Among the performers are eggs, dumplings, fish, false teeth, and many other items.

Here’s a video made by a dental implant surgeon.

A Moscow transport depot also took part in the flash mob, making a video featuring buses at night.

And to make this clip someone probably spent all evening collecting bottles.

The flash mob took a fresh look at a number of politicians and TV serials.

There are similar videos made by bored Yota and Adidas employees.

And there are also Russian bakery goods such as sausage rolls involved.

As well as sushi, which is loved by Russians.

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