Futuristic Orthodox church to appear in Moscow

Innovative materials and a white interior seem to have nothing in common with what we’re used to calling a Russian church.

This church is trying to start a revolution in Russia's ecclesiastical architecture. Just imagine: a dome and walls from glass and large, illuminated cross - that's probably not what you expect to see in a traditional Orthodox church.

Yet, Moscow is in line to get this new, futuristic cathedral dedicated to Ignatius of Antioch. The exact date of construction hasn't been revealed yet, but the innovative design was published on the official website of Moscow City Department of Urban Policy and construction.

The project has been prepared by two architecture bureaus: A.R.E.A.L Architects and Archpoint (that are known for their restaurants designs).

There will be no ornamental decorations, golden domes or “complicated” structure, as Russian churches usually have. To that effect, the design comes off as very minimalist. The architects admit they were inspired by the 14th century Church of the Transfiguration of the Savior in Veliky Novgorod. And this way, they want to restore ties with the ancient traditions of church construction. 

The iconostasis will only have one row, while the interior will be open and provide lots of space to make worship more open. The cathedral will be able to welcome up to 500 people.

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