The 'Siberian Provence' is threatened with EXTINCTION... thanks to Instagram (PHOTOS)

Selfie-lovers are trampling all over the stunning violet meadows and other flora of the picturesque location!

This field along one of the roads in the Tomsk Region locals call the “Siberian Provence”. They often come to take photos here.

“The magic smell, the stunning view... Strongly recommended," a blogger writes.

"Lot of cars on the roadside, dozens of posing girls in the field, and the same number of guy photographers!" The main thing is to wait your turn!

However, biologists are asking people to stop doing it! Flowers and plants are simply destroyed, because of the crowds of people.

This field belongs to the Siberian research institute of agriculture and turf and is full of honey plants. The scientific name is ‘Phacelia tanacetifolia’, but it’s commonly known as a ‘purple tanzy’. Its light purple flowers resemble lavender. Any chance to pass for a blogger?

And because of the sudden popularity, the institute is asking people to respect the work of scientists and stop parking cars on the field and stamping on the greenery.

“We are not against the photos, but the problem is that the field gets trampled,” the institute’s press secretary, Daria Savelyeva, told RIA Novosti. “They even hold weddings here.”

“It takes us so much effort to provide the Tomsk region with seeds. This reserve of phacelia is the only seed reserve of high reproduction of this culture in the Tomsk region, and it’s almost destroyed.” according to Savelyeva.

Now banners have appeared prohibiting people from going on the field and trampling the flowers.

But will it stop Instagrammers? 

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