This Russian guy’s met almost all of Hollywood, but he’s NOT impressed (PHOTOS)

Ivan Zhuravlev from Moscow has an Instagram account were he uploads photos he’s taken with celebrities. So far the 25-year-old ‘paparazzi’ has amassed a collection of pictures with almost 500 stars: from Will Smith and Johnny Depp to Keanu Reeves and Jackie Chan!

But the thing is, he doesn’t look very impressed. On almost every photo he looks strange, to put it mildly. His face literally shows ZERO  emotion! It almost seems like all these celebs were asking him for a photo, not the other way round!

 Will Smith

Meryl Streep

Ennio Morricone

Yeah, you’re probably thinking he simply used photoshop. But - no! They’re all genuine... 

Nicolas Cage

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

The guy has been “hunting” stars since 2013. Who he really is and what he is actually doing,  Zhuravlev won’t say. Sometimes his posts contain comments like: “God, dude, how do you do this?” and “Dude, where do you work???”, but he leaves them without a reply.

Russian actor Leonid Bronevoy

Eva Longoria

Richard Gere

People also noticed photos from official receptions and press-accreditation badges. Moreover, a lot of photos seem to be taken in Moscow at the  ‘Karo October’ cinema complex - the main venue for red carpet movie premieres.  

Irina Shayk

Jackie Chan

It turns out Ivan is a special correspondent and photographer for GameScope - a media portal about the entertainment industry - which gives him the right to constantly attend premieres, meet with celebrities at  private parties, as well as the opportunity to even take some for a walk around Moscow! One of Zhuravlev’s most recent “stellar” walks was with Quentin Tarantino (which later became an Internet meme)! 

John Malkovich

Keanu Reeves

Ian Gillan, Deep Purple’s frontman

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