Tinder Tips: Funniest Russian girls profiles that make a guy swipe right

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Have you ever wondered how to make a guy notice you? Here’s a bunch of hilarious examples from Russian Tinder compiled by Swipe Right that may - or may not - do the trick! 

I can’t afford a vibrator, so I ended up here.

This year three of my girlfriends have got [marriage] proposals from their boyfriends. I have already been asked to STFU three times - just today.

I’m definitely not a cask of beer, but I’ll also make your heart beat faster.

I didn’t find myself in a dumpster. 

I can be the whole Earth to you - as long as you believe it is flat.

What’s the problem? Just come by, take my hand and firmly say: 我们去吃狗,好吗?

The only flat thing in my boyfriend’s life would be his skateboard.

For whom it may concern - yes I ate both pizzas. And ate a whole bowl of ice cream after that.

If men are so smart, why haven’t they already invented a refrigerator with endless beer? 

I’m so afraid that my nudes will end up online. That’s why I post them on Instagram - by myself. They say attack is the best defense.

If my body is the temple of the Lord then who am I not to let people in?

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