Russian blogger makes hilarious parodies of Hollywood celebs (PHOTOS)

Here’s a selection of the funniest collages from Russia’s own “Celeste Barber!”

Moscow Comedian Yury Isterika is a master at capturing the essence of famous international celebrities. He publishes them in his Instagram. While stars spend a fortune on their make-up and style, the Russian “Celeste Barber” uses whatever stuff he finds at home to complete the looks, from curtains to brooms. 

1. “I decided to support Irina Shayk [after she broke with Bradley Cooper] and make  this anti-stress bubblewrap version of Lady Gaga.”

2. “Come get a coconut curl, girls! [Like Ariana Grande does] A unique-looking procedure, even bald people can sign up”

3. ”The Rocketman premiere has inspired me to create this Elton John look with a garlic touch. A banana peel scarf serves to accentuate the image.”

4. To create “Taylor Swift” Yury spent five days collecting plastic garbage from food and drinks he consumed. His fingers and lips are decorated with red tape.

5. Here's Yury’s version of Angelina Jolie. Let’s be frank: this is how a divorced mother of many really looks - one who hasn’t even got time for a shave… and on the left we have Photoshop.”

6. “I am the official branch of Madonna in Russia”. 

7. Beyonce voiced the American version of the new Lion King movie, and here’s Yury with a Russian rendition of the look. 

8. Everyone remembers The Little Mermaid… sorry - Merman.

9. To make “Cardi B”, Yury collected all his Red Army Day presents, which - if you’re familiar with life in Russia - is usually mostly socks! 

10. The most popular Russian Insta lady Olga Buzova and Yury. Guess which is which!   

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