10 Russian videos with over 100 million YouTube views

Open Kids, LITTLE BIG/youtube.com
We present a diverse collection of music, movies, and mayhem — from dance flash mobs and dumbass pranks to action movie soundtracks.

1.    Little Big — Skibidi (296 million)

This viral dance is the brainchild of the founder of rave group Little Big, Ilya Prusikin.

“I know the idea came to Ilya just like that, in a second. He sent me a video: “Check it out, we wrote a song, I came up with a dance.” Ilya always wanted to use dog, frog, and other animal noises in his music” said video director Alina Pyazok in an interview with Afisha Daily.

Rumors swirl as to the origin of the word “Skibidi” (it’s said to be a nod to the cartoon Scooby-Doo, but that’s just a guess). But no matter, you can just learn the dance and join in the mass flashmob. If you have trouble learning the dance, the game Just Dance 2020 from Ubisoft will help — the song is featured there.

2.    Open Kids — Kruche Vsekh (The Coolest) (269 million)

Elaborate choreography, great visuals with sparkles and glitter (and this was before the release of the Euphoria series), a breezy melody, and artful editing — in 2016 this hit by children’s pop group Open Kids and Ukrainian group Quest Pistols Show became the unofficial anthem of Russian-speaking youth.

The song is still popular at children’s camps and in school performances. Besides the pumping rhythm, the listener is injected with energy and vibe:

That feeling when you’re the coolest.

That feeling when you’re on the wave.

That feeling when you’re the coolest,

The coolest. Everything will be yours.

3.     Alexey Vorobyov — Sumashedshaya (Crazy Girl) (250 million)

They say love is blind, but for this couple it’s also life-threatening. Spooked your other half in the morning with a Scream mask? Get electrocuted on the john. Swapped the sunflower oil in the kitchen for the motor variety? Have your slippers nailed to the floor.

Thanks to the unsophisticated, but amusing pranks accompanied by the refrain “She’s crazy, but she’s mine”, plus curiosity as it how it will all end, the video has scored more than 200 million views. True, it took four years — it was released back in 2015. Incidentally, the clip spawned two sequels: first the girl takes her revenge on her boyfriend on his birthday, and then we get to see how they met.

4. Feduk and Allj — Rozovoe Vino (Rosé) (243 million)

Rosé is mentioned only once — at the very beginning, where hip-hop artist Feduk and friend are free-styling at home. The clip went viral thanks to the artistry of director Alina Pyazok (see Little Big above), and Feduk’s catchy vocals.

It’s so beautiful here, I stop breathing.

Sounds at the minimum so as not to interfere.

These clouds are purple cotton wool.

The magic of flowers with ice in our drinks

Interest was further fueled by the feud between Feduk and rapper Allj, who raps one of the verses — they couldn’t decide whose name should go first in the video title. Since then, the artists have given only one joint performance, preferring to sing separately without the other on stage.

5.    Little Big - Faradenza (156 million)

The entire song consists of words in pseudo-English/Spanish. For example, the line: Gusto rico dante power konnichiuahua.

Only from the video can you guess that Faradenza is a brand of perfume, while the phrase "Ra-ta-ta-ta La boka de lä cokka" is the brand slogan.

In the video, the lead singer of Little Big arrives at a typical Soviet sanatorium having sprayed himself with Faradenza perfume, which causes the vacationing senior citizens to go wild.

6.    Polina Gagarina — Kukushka (Cuckoo) (150 million) 

A cover of a song by legendary Kino frontman Viktor Tsoi, who died in 1990. The song was used in the soundtrack for the Russian film Battle of Sevastopol, so the entire video consists of scenes from the movie.

The plot follows the story of Lyudmila Pavlichenko, a legendary female sniper who killed 309 enemy soldiers during the Great Patriotic War. The American press dubbed her “Lady Death” — however, both the film and the video tell not about her brutal killings, but that war is no place for a woman.

7.    Leningrad – Exponat (Exhibit) (149 million)

The female protagonist lives with her mother in a small apartment. She meets a wealthy man online. To attract his attention, the woman pretends to be an artist who has run away from a wealthy tyrant father in pursuit of her dream.

In the end, he asks her out on a date — and not just anywhere, but a Van Gogh exhibition. All that remains is to get hold of a pair of Louboutins for the high-brow event. What comes of it, see for yourself.

8.       Sergey Lazarev — Eto Vse Ona (It’s All Her) (140 million)

Even the wimpiest of wimps can muster the strength and charisma to seduce any girl — you just need to dress up, as demonstrated by this video. No one can resist wanting to know what comes of the four nerds’ pursuit of a model who just happens to be on their university campus — perhaps that’s why it clocked up so many views.

9.       Egor Kreed feat. Philip Kirkorov – Tsvet Nastroenia Cherny (The Mood Color is Black) (131 million) 

Both the video and the track’s words are a response to Philip Kirkorov’s song “The Mood Color is Blue,” which has so far picked up “only” 58 million views.

According to the storyline, Kirkorov is signed to the famous Black Star label, founded by rapper Timati. There he learns the difficulties of working on a label where all the artists wear only black and are forced to advertise pelmeni dumplings and toothpaste in their videos (Black Star clips are constantly criticized for overuse of product placement).


The mood color’s black

Lipstick, the color of liquor

She’s dressed in black

She feels like a goddess

(Body like a Lamborghini)

10.   Jah Khalib – Medina (106 million)

This eye-catching historical action movie was shot by director Aisultan Seitov. At first glance, the plot tells of a nomad fighting for his love. However, the rapper himself says that Medina is not the name of a girl or even the city, but a mental construct.

“Medina is the image of purification, the finding of truth, love, family, satisfaction, and harmony,” explains Jah Khalib in an interview.


Sleep shall again be broken by a new dawn.

The legs shall set off once more, in spite of the pain.

To feel the warmth of your hands —

I want to find you, Medina.

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