What NOT to give a Russian as a New Year’s present in 2020

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The list of disappointing gifts includes stuffed animals, towels and bitcoins.

The popular Russian portal, Mail.ru, conducted a poll and published its rating of the most unwanted New Year’s gifts. The majority of those polled (71 percent), or over 5,000 people, claim that they are given useless presents. A further nine percent say that they get rid of their presents by gifting them to somebody else.

Here’s a rating of the least popular gifts:

1. A Chinese zodiac souvenir (57 percent) 

2. A stuffed animal (52 percent) 

3. Scales (49 percent) 

4. Soap (48 percent)

5. A calendar (48 percent)

6. A shaving set (48 percent)

7. A massage mat (45 percent)

8. Bitcoin (42 percent) 

9. A cosmetic make-up set (40 percent)

10. A towel (38 percent) 

Some 70 percent of those polled pointed out that a gift should have practical use. At the same time, 10 percent of respondents believe that a gift’s most important aspect is the element of surprise. Another nine percent do not care what they get, and they think it’s the thought that counts.


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