Check out these INSANE Russian garage makeovers (PHOTOS)

Oksana Ozgur
A seemingly plain garage can turn out to be a home bar or dovecote.

Russian photographer Oksana Yozgur from the city of Nadym (Yamal Peninsula, 3,129 km from Moscow) created a photo project of garages in the Russian North, where having a recreation space is much more important than car storage.

“I grew up in the 90s in a small village of a thousand people in the middle of the tundra, where the only entertainment was the local house of culture, ice rink, children’s music school, and sports hall,” recalls Yozgur.

“Grown-ups had to create their own forms of leisure. Almost everyone had a garage, and people invited friends there for a barbecue. It was a change of environment, almost like going to the dacha.”

To begin with, people arranged seats and tape recorders around their car, but soon the recreation space began to take up more and more room and became the main function of the garage.

In the words of Yozgur, “garage pimping” has become a new hobby in the Russian North.

“At first, locals just used the trunk of their car for everything. Nowadays, garages have been turned into fireplaces and bathhouses. Every garage reflects the character of its owner. Everything is done with heart and soul. Sometimes such garages are nicer than apartments,” says the photographer.

This garage was turned into a bar and home movie theater. Another living room is on the first floor. There is no car anymore.

This garage is now a gathering place for members of the local motorbike club.

Typical garage cooperatives in the Russian North.

The second floor of this garage is a place for music rehearsals. A bathhouse and a recreation area with fireplace and bar are also planned. Vehicles are kept on the first floor.

A living room with pool table in a three-storey garage, which also boasts a bathhouse, kitchen, and bedroom. The owner plans to provide roof access.

This garage has been turned into a recording studio.

The printing office of a local newspaper is housed in two one-storey garages.

The garage of a true creative.

A recreation space in a typical 5x6m garage.

This standard garage has been converted into a dovecote. The first floor is an aviary for birds, while the second contains handmade birdhouses. There is access to the garage roof. About 150 birds were in the dovecote when this picture was taken.

The garage of an artist-decorator, where everything is lovingly hand-crafted.

A recreation area for meetups with friends.

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