Russians share pictures of their home workplaces online (PHOTOS)

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Spoiler: they are all so cozy and cute that self-isolation may end up becoming quite popular.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, office workers, students and schoolchildren in Russia are self-isolating at home and doing their best to keep up a professional attitude – with many setting up home offices. Twitter users have started sharing photos of their home workplaces, and we’ve compiled a small collection for you. Here is how kitchens, living rooms and window sills have turned into temporary workplaces.

“Well, the self-isolating crowd, show us your workplace for today”

“Show your workplaces? I had to raid my kitchen before I had a desk delivered”

“For me, nothing has changed, I am a freelancer))”

It turns out that many people have much better workplaces than expected. “Where do you get such beautiful apartments?” wonders user Alexander Fast. “Everybody has such clear desks, I don't believe you. You simply don't work at them,” says @PonyHead.

“My workplace is my sofa”

“Yes, I wiped the desk and removed my tea mug. I don't know why. Did it in auto mode.”

That said, a poll conducted by the VTsIOM pollster a year ago showed that the majority of Russians, 60 percent, think that work in the office is more effective than work from home. One in five said they were distracted by thoughts about the fridge, the bed and a generally relaxed atmosphere. 

“When you want to study but there is no spare room. You go to your balcony, hook it up to the electricity – and start f*cking working hard.”

“Enjoying a view of St. Petersburg’s rooftops”

And this is what the temporary workplace of our Culture desk editor looks like.

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