7 yoga poses to help you cope with life in self-isolation

Lizaveta Seleda
Antonina Osipova, a specialist in body-based practices and mindfulness-enhancing  Embodiment Yoga, explains the principles and demonstrates poses that will help you survive in self-isolation. 

1. Stay in touch with yourself - Pose - personal space with additional elements of letting go

One of the main challenges right now is to overcome the anxiety that one inevitably feels when facing the unknown. You need to think about how to experience your presence in the here-and-now and be less stressed.

To achieve this, meditation will help. Unless you've tried it before, you shouldn't expect immediate and total self-immersion. Try a 5-10 minute breathing meditation, shifting your weight downwards with concentration on the soles of your feet; feel the inward "flow" into your body, and relax and exhale (inhale and concentrate on each exhale).

2. Stand your ground - Warrior Pose

The main thing that will help is thinking critically. All around are many sources of hysteria and panic such as social networks, the media, and conversations with your loved ones. Also, rumors and crazy ideas are spreading. More than ever it’s important to only consult reliable and authoritative sources, and to engage with a community that you trust. There’s no point listening to anything and everything, and assuming the burden of what you have heard. Here it is important to stay firm in your opinion and not to lose your way. Always make sure that your brain does not allow emotions and anxiety to take over.

3. Indulge yourself - Self-care Pose

Try to remember actions that are pleasurable to your body: be it self-massage, warm-ups, running, yoga or dancing. What can you do now to indulge yourself, as well as give pleasure to your loved ones? It is very important at this time to take care of one another and yourself.

Give yourself a hug, breathe in and out; and while breathing out give a murmur of satisfaction as if the most delicious chocolate in the world was melting in your mouth - "mmmmmm".

4. Don't lose contact with one another - Giving and receiving poses

Physical isolation doesn't mean that you should go into complete social detox. In what is not the easiest of times, social support is very important, particularly empathy and touching (the latter, naturally, only with those you live with). Keep in touch with your friends, loved ones, colleagues and people who are on your wavelength by phone or email.

If possible, maintain body contact with those in your household - by giving shoulder or neck massages, for example.

5. Laugh with someone - Joker Pose

This point can be described as "shared humor". Think about what funny stories you can share with your friends.

For instance, together with my sister I've been watching the amusing Little Big video Uno for the second day running, and we’ve been dancing and learning the moves.

6. Maintain spiritual/emotional connection - Mountain Pose

This is a very private thing. For every person it will be different. Think about what values are important to you. What would you never give up? With whom or what is it important for you to stay in touch?

7. Contact with nature - Inspiration Pose

If you can, go for a walk in the park or the woods. Breathe, concentrate on the process of walking, listen to the sounds of nature, breathe in the spring smells and bask in the sun.

IMPORTANT: Be careful when practicing. If something does not feel right, stop what you’re doing and consult a specialist!

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