11 funny memes depicting self-isolation in Russia (PICS)

While a major part of the international community has been stuck at home, the internet has been flooded with loads of memes and jokes about our unlucky situation.

Russian social media is no exception - here some of the best gems we’ve found online. Look familiar?

1. Working from home: Day 1 vs Day 10  

2. The apocalypse we expected; the one we got:

3. Remember: Two eel sushi rolls and one ‘Philadelphia’ sushi roll, chopsticks for six

4. When you’ve hurt your butt sitting so much during quarantine

5. Parents: Stay home

Government: Stay home

Common sense: Stay home

My stomach: I want a donut

6. Me: I’ve been sitting at home for 2 weeks now and I’m going mad

My cat who’s stayed home since 2010: Pussy!

7. No, I won’t come down, leave me alone. Half of our neighbors already took me for a walk

8. My first online lesson

9. - What are you doing in quarantine all day? 

- Eating and sleeping

10. Sit down, we need to talk

Are you planning on going to work at some point or what?

11. Four states of me in self-isolation: 

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