Russian women doing buckwheat eyebrows now?! (PHOTOS)

This is what happens when you’ve bought up all the buckwheat you could get your hands on before going into self-isolation, but didn’t have the time to squeeze in a visit to the beauty salon.

Women in Russia have started to share online tips on how to do your eyebrows in a new way - with buckwheat.

“Saw this somewhere online, and decided to repeat,” wrote Instagram user kosulina_brows.

Other ladies weren’t far behind in deciding to follow the trend. Their eyebrows now look like this.

The fashion is also beginning to sweep through TikTok:

One of the participants in the challenge decided to spice things up with brown rice for a “mixed” effect.

And user ok_brows.57 is calling for people to observe a conscious consumption of buckwheat.

“If we’re being real here, let’s put that buckwheat back where it belongs on store shelves, and calm down already! Or we’ll be seeing a trend in toilet-paper-eyebrows pretty soon!,” she wrote.

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