Russians show off their swimsuits in support of ‘bikini nurse’ (PHOTOS)

The sometimes unbearable heat inside these protective suits made the nurse wear a swimsuit underneath in the first place.

Residents of Samara (Volga Region) started a challenge on social media in support of Nadezhda Zhukova, the nurse from Tula, whose image wearing a swimsuit under a transparent protective suit recently went viral.

Social media users published photos of themselves in bikinis and protective suits and stressed that they wanted everyone to understand just how hard it can be to spend the whole day in such a suit. 

Local journalist Leonid Koshman, who also took part in the challenge, called the medical suit “almost unbearable”. “It’s very hot, and the glasses fog up. Huge respect for the doctors. There is nothing shameful in a swimsuit, it’s quite a typical clothing.”

Another woman in Yaroslavl also published her picture wearing a bikini under the antivirus suit. She added the comment that “no matter what a doctor wears, the main thing is their mission”.

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