This Russian sable just kept attracting fans during lockdown (PHOTOS)

We’ve already told you about this tiny black sable named Umora (Uma for short) who was born on a fur farm, doomed to be somebody’s coat, but became an Instagram star instead. It keeps growing its fan base – there are currently 230,000 subscribers to its account, up 80 thousand since we last checked on it. Let’s see how this cute little internet sensation did during lockdown.

“Uma has a document that says she is not wild,” says Eugenia. “Business on exotic animals is very severe, and 90 percent of breeders are linked with pothunters.” She says that she bought Uma to save at least one life, because they live on a farm in very awful conditions - in small dirty cages.

Uma is very smart and even understands some commands. And she likes her reflection in the mirror - even she knows it’s hard to take your eyes off of something this beautiful!

The sable takes everything she likes - this is her natural instinct. Uma and her honestly stolen tomato.

“Our relationship with Uma in one photo: the sable is constantly not satisfied, while I am trying to convince myself that it is very nice (somewhere deep in my soul). Actually it bites my fingers not so fiercely, you know,” Eugenia writes.

A dance with a chicken. 

“Modesty is something that Umora is completely deprived of.”

“After two years of living together, she’s become more friendly. You can be bitten anytime, but now she sleeps in my arms.”

A sable in diamonds? Why not!

“I took Uma to the woods. Uma said that it was dirty, wet and noisy there. The sable decided to rule the world from the balcony. Go to the forest yourself, hooman.”

“Humans are so weird: they pet us, go across our territories and talk to us, but when we do what we want they are unhappy! My human doesn’t let me do home renovations! When I peel off the wallpaper she glues it back.”

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