The hidden side of the Moscow Metro (PHOTOS)

Courtesy of the Museum of Moscow
There is a whole world in the Moscow subway off-limits to prying eyes. This photo project reveals its secret side.

The Moscow Metro is the largest underground museum in the world and the most convenient mode of transport in the Russian capital. But there are many places where unauthorized entry is prohibited.

But in honor of the system’s 85th anniversary, its operators decided to let outsiders in: for several months, artists from the Sezon (Season) art group and the curators of the Museum of Moscow were allowed to explore this hidden underground realm, including closed depots, substations, and repair workshops.

The project delivered a realistic canvas of the “underside of the metro” and a photo series by Anna Skrzhinskaya capturing the human face of this “underground city.” 

The exhibition The Underside of the Metro runs at the Gilyarovsky Center from Oct. 2 to Nov. 8, 2020.

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