Russia’s HOTTEST men in uniform (PHOTOS)

@voronecky1; @artem_yasnitskiy
Brave, powerful and always ready to help! These Russian sexy emergency rescuers and policemen are winning many hearts online!

1. Artem Yasnitsky works as a firefighter in St. Petersburg and is professionally engaged in bodybuilding, as well as performing at various sports competitions.

In 2019, he received the honorary title of the absolute champion of Leningrad Region and St. Petersburg in classical bodybuilding.

2. Ilya Kutsil is the head of a fire department in Khanty-Mansiysk (Siberia). “I’ve been boxing since I was 13. Parents always were against training, so I had to skip school to go to training,” the athlete says.

He is a candidate for Master of Sports in boxing and a multiple winner and medalist in all-Russian competitions.

3. Another athlete firefighter from Khanty-Mansiysk, Alexander Shcheglinkov regularly takes part in competitions for the most powerful people in the country.

On his Instagram, he often publishes photos from his favorite fire department - because safety is above all!

4. Sergei Gazulin fights fires in Amur Region (Far East), likes powerlifting and going out to nature for BBQs! A perfect combo, isn’t it?

5. Abakan (Southern Siberia) can sleep peacefully while Dmitry Voronetsky’s crew is on guard for fire safety.

6. Knife fighting instructor and ex-military man Dmitry Shumilov demonstrates how to train and how to defend against hooligans on his blog. Nothing to fear with this guy!

7. Policeman Mikhail Gromov with a charming smile observes the order in Tomsk (Siberia).

“You need to serve in such a way that you are not ashamed of the uniform you wear,” he writes.

8 - Seems that the most likeable policemen live in Siberia! Meet Alexander Leto from Tomsk.

9. This brutal police officer from Kurgan, Alexander Klevakin, could disarm you with one glance!

10 - Maxim Uvarov is candidate of Law, lecturer at the Academy of Management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia and TV host. In his free time, he teaches boxing classes and publishes an online scientific journal. How does he manage all this?

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