15 photos that prove Russians CAN SMILE

Vsevolod Tarasevich/MAMM/MDF
Russians have a reputation of gloomy unfriendly people who never smile and are always in a bad mood and actually love suffering. But below, we show you the other side of our nation!

1. Pilots Alexander Bryadinsky and Vladimir Kokkinaki, 1938

2. A soldier with a horse, 1940s

3. Folk fun: Tug of war, 1950s

4. Friends on a hayfield, 1950s

5. ‘There were days of joy’, 1950s

6. Nikita Khrushchev and Soviet minister Lazar Kaganovich on a walk, 1950s

7. Spring sowing, 1950s

8. Grandmother and grandson, 1960s

9. Members of Komsomol, a youth organization, 1960s

10. Flight attendant,1960s

11. Leonid Brezhnev and Soviet super-workers, the Stakhanovites, 1970s

12. Girls laughing, 1970s

13. Soviet pioneers, 1970s

14. Coal miner, 1960s

15. Portrait of a laughing granddad, 1970s

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