10 new Moscow Metro stations open in ONE day! (PHOTOS)

Moskva Agency
The capital’s underground is growing incredibly fast. And the latest ten stations of the new ring line started operating simultaneously on December 7, 2021.

For the first time since the Moscow Metro opened in 1935, ten stations have been put into operation at once. All of them are along a 20-km part of the upcoming Big Circle Line that is expected to be completed by the end of year 2022. The entire Big Circle Line will have 31 stations and a total distance of about 70 kilometers. 

Take a closer look at the brand new stations below! 

1. Terekhovo 

2. Kuntsevskaya

3. Davydkovo

4. Aminyevskaya

5. Michurinskiy prospekt

6. Prospekt Vernadskogo

7. Novatorskaya

8. Vorontsovskaya

9. Zyuzino

10. Kakhovskaya

You can check out an interactive map of the Moscow Metro here. 

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