Here’s how the luxurious train of Nicholas II looked inside (PHOTOS)

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The last Russian emperor enjoyed all the technical progress of his age, and traveling in his own train car was certainly one of his greatest privileges. 

The imperial Romanov family was always first to test the railroads. Back in 1837, Emperor Nicholas I eagerly took a ride on Russia’s first-ever railway that ran from St. Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo. Since that time, the imperial family would always travel on trains with great pleasure, and they always had their own train car or even several of them. 

The Romanovs often traveled from St. Petersburg to Moscow and back, as well as abroad. In the 1880s, Russia’s rail system became very extensive across the empire and the imperial family frequently traveled, especially to Crimea and other regions of the empire. 

In 1888, the train carrying Alexander III and the imperial family crashed in a horrible accident. Fortunately, the members of the imperial family were unharmed. The mighty Emperor, just like Atlas, held the carriage ceiling on his shoulders, just long enough for his wife and kids to get out of the wrecked train. 

In the late 1890s, a brand new train was built for the imperial family. It was a 10-car train that included a bedroom for the Emperor and Empress, a reception room, office, kitchen, dining room, the children's room, rooms for family members, servants, railroad workers, luggage room, and a specially equipped prayer room.

Emperor Nicholas II was the first and the last tsar to use the train. Here are some extraordinary photos of this ‘palace on wheels’. 

The train car’s appearance from the outside

The space between the wagons

A dynamo to supply electrical lighting for the train

Princess Anastasia in the train

All the living rooms were decorated according to the latest fashion using red polished wood, silver, leather and the finest French materials

Inside one of the train cars

The corridor of the train car with servants’ bedrooms

The walls and furniture were upholstered in the English style with floral ornaments.

The train inspector’s office and bedroom

Service car

Rooms for female (L) and male entourage

Imperial office’s window (L), and the doors of the Emperor’s and Empress’ offices

His Majesty’s office

Her Majesty’s office

Reception room

A fine lady’s room 

First room for the Grand Dukes

Second room for the Grand Dukes

Third room for the Grand Dukes

Room for the Tsar’s daughter, Princess Olga


Dining room

The Tsar’s dining with generals

Fragment of the dining room



Servants who worked on the Emperor’s train

Furniture for the ‘palace on wheels’ 

Fragment of the reception room 

Nicholas II with wife, Empress Alexandra, and their son, Prince Alexey, in the train 

Nicholas II on his way to the World War I front 

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