7 irresistible summer verandas in St. Petersburg

Looking for somewhere to have a nice meal outdoors in St. Petersburg in summer 2019? Check out our list of new cafes and restaurants with verandas.

1. Sevkable Port

This new public space on Vasilyevsky Island opened on the site of a former cable plant. It has an industrial atmosphere, replete with giant wooden coils that are scattered all over the territory. People come here to ride bikes, explore exhibitions by new artists and, of course, have a delicious meal out in the fresh air. The choice of verandas here is small but pleasant. Lovers of Mediterranean cuisine will appreciate Easy Hummus, a relaxed café that is particularly popular for its falafel (400 rubles) and shakshuka (300 rubles). If you’re in the mood for a burger, head to Meat Up and try their specialty, the Sevkable Burger with marbled beef (400 rubles). Or if you want a good pilaf, check out Plov One Love and try the lamb pilaf (450 rubles).

Average bill - 700 rubles

Address: Kozhevennaya Line, 40d

2. New Holland

New Holland, a centrally located island that had been closed to the public since Soviet times, was turned into a park a number of years back. Its historical buildings now house lecture theaters and exhibition halls. The highlight is a former prison building, known—owing to its shape—as “the Bottle.” It contains numerous eateries. These include Dikman's Deli, which specializes in American cuisine (sandwiches with different meats range from 300-400 rubles, mac & cheese for 350 rubles). There is a fashionable coffee place called Surf Coffee (~250-300 rubles for a coffee), and a branch of the popular Israeli street food joint Bekitzer (shawarma in pita bread for 270 rubles, a traditional sabich sandwich for 240 rubles). Meanwhile, Ryumochnaya bar serves infused shots for 150 rubles and hooch at 200 rubles. All of these have verandas in the courtyard.

Average bill: 700-1,000 rubles

Address: Admiralty Canal Embankment, 2  

3. Chacha

What quicker path to being happy and full is there than eating pkhali, khinkali and dolma? The Georgian restaurant Chacha welcomes visitors on its spacious summer veranda and feeds them like family (try its eggplant rolls for 430 rubles and Adjarian khachapuri for 490 rubles). The restaurant offers stunning views of the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood and the Griboyedov Canal Embankment.

Average bill: 1,500 rubles

Address: Griboyedov Canal Embankment, 8/1

4. Tsunami

Entering the courtyard of Tsunami Bar and Restaurant, you feel as if you were transported from a northern European city to a hot Asian country. The bright summer veranda is decorated with Buddhism-inspired graffiti and can lift one's spirits even on a rainy day (which are quite common in St. Petersburg). The menu features popular items like Philadelphia rolls (410 rubles) and teriyaki salmon (540 rubles) as well as numerous signature cocktails (from 400-500 rubles).

Average bill: 1,000 rubles

Address: Ligovsky Avenue, 39 

5. The Sizzle

If you want to have a drink or two in pleasant company, head to Rubinstein Street, which is famous for having numerous bars and restaurants with distinctive characters. The Sizzle is a perfect place for those who are not just after a drink but also want to enjoy an elegant meal. Its menu features tuna ceviche (530 rubles), artichoke bruschetta (370 rubles) and mullet in rye malt (680 rubles). Even if you have no idea what that is, come anyway.

Average bill: 1,500 rubles

Address: Rubinstein Street, 23

6. Solncesprava

Of course, real romantics prefer to dine on the roof. This restaurant serves familiar and nourishing cuisine: steaks (machete steak for 800 rubles), pizzas (300 rubles), cheese platters (500 rubles) and rolls (California for 220 rubles). However, the menu is not the main attraction, and visitors come here for its authentic St. Petersburg atmosphere. The restaurant is located on the roof of the ArtMuza contemporary art gallery and often hosts concerts by young musicians. This is the place for you if you want to enjoy smooth jazz or catchy boogie-woogie on a roof overlooking Vasilyevsky Island on a summer evening.

Average bill: 1,000 rubles

Address: 13th Line of Vasilyevsky Island, 70

7. Khachapuri from Aunt Mariko

This new Georgian restaurant serves chebureks (270 rubles), a spicy kubdari pie with meat and herbs (525 rubles) and traditional kharcho soup (385 rubles). All these dishes are waiting to be eaten on a summer veranda!

Average bill: 1,000 rubles

Address: Malaya Sadovaya Street, 3

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