Russian and CIS Spec Ops battle to become the best (PHOTOS) 

Russian University of Special Forces
Check out the 500 best Russian and CIS Spec Ops officers fighting “enemies” and overcoming natural obstacles to have the honor of being named the top counter-terrorist team in a contest that took place in Chechnya. 

Biathlon. The best fighters from SOBR (Special Rapid Response Unit), FSB (Federal Security Service) and Ministry of Defense detachments from across Russia and CIS take off and tackle seven kilometers of obstacles, before meeting up for target shooting - the targets being “terrorists” -using handguns, assault rifles, machine guns and shotguns.

An individual exam for machine gunners. The special operations fighter gets buggied to an unknown location in the mountains. He has to eliminate four targets with uninterrupted fire, before running off and hiding in a nearby encampment and unloading the rest of the clip on enemies from a distance. 

The driver abandons the buggy together with the gunner, taking his carbine and relocating to a spot on the left to shoot neighboring targets.

An individual exam for snipers. After a signal is given, the sniper must take the stairs to the top floor of a seven-floor building, perform surveillance of the surroundings and take out the “terrorist” who’s positioned about half a kilometer from the building. 

An individual exam for submachine gunners. The fighter must eliminate targets while driving a buggy.

After a soldier reaches the assembly spot, he has to burst into the building with the objective of killing the remainder of the targets and freeing the “hostage”. 

Storming the building. A team using a quad drone must quietly approach the second floor and eliminate its “lookouts”, while securing a safe spot to launch the drone. Upon completion, the commander gives the order for the gunner and the shield group to move out. 

While that is taking place, the sniper relocates to the rooftop of the adjacent building. Having spotted a lookout, he must eliminate the enemy fighter hiding in a “private residence” through the window. 

The shield group then storms the private home.

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