Kalashnikov creates Spec Ops battle gear that will replace ‘Ratnik’

Group 99
It’s designed for operation in the Arctic, as well as the Sahara Desert and completely disguises a person in the infrared spectrum.

In early March 2021, Kalashnikov group presented the Modular Carry System (MCS), an innovative solution that integrates body armor, military load bearing equipment and concealed gear. 

“Every mission requires specific equipment, and the Modular Carry System can be adapted to any mission in [any] weather conditions around the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s [the] Arctic or [the] Sahara Desert. The system is designed for all potential battle circumstances,” says Vladimir Onokoy, a manager at the Department of Military-Technical Cooperation. 

For plainclothes operations, such as covert surveillance, the company presented two versions of a concealed carry belt that allows a person to carry all the necessary equipment and keep it concealed.

“For missions in rough terrain, where the use of ballistic protection is impossible, we have two different chest rigs that will carry all equipment and ammunition you need, without adding too much to your load,” he says.

If you need ballistic protection during covert ops, there are two versions of low profile body armor that can be worn under a jacket or a hoodie, protecting the operator and not exposing their mission to adversaries.

For conventional operations, the MCS can offer standard plate carriers with detachable load distribution systems that were designed to make body armor more comfortable.

There is also enhanced assault body armor with soft armor modules for neck, groin, shoulder and arms that offers maximum protection against fragments of explosive ordnance.

“At the moment, we offer the MCS in multicam, asphalt (grey) and umber (battle brown) color schemes that will allow a person to merge with the terrain of the mission,” Onokoy states.

Its fabric also has special processing, so a soldier won’t be seen in the infrared spectrum by a potential sniper. This feature could save a life during a night-time shootout, where people use night-vision goggles in pitch darkness to see enemies. 

This is a complete system that can be adapted to any mission. Never has such a multi-mission system existed in Russia or anywhere abroad. This is another feature that makes this system special.

“It also exceeds Russian soldiers’ main battle gear - the Ratnik. As it has wider range of use and suits well for operations in all weather conditions,” the expert adds.

You can find all the details on the Group 99website.

Yet, Onokoy had no answer on how Kalashnikov’s new gear will compete with ‘Centurion’ (aka ‘Sotnik’) battle gear, the next generation of Ratnik battle systems. All information about Kalashnikov’s main upcoming rival in the fight to become Russian soldiers’ main battle gear, you can read here

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