Fun indoor activities for English-speakers in Moscow

I know pub quiz
Although we weren’t ‘blessed’ with an extremely cold winter in Moscow this year, it’s still not the best time for outdoor fun. Here’s our list of exciting indoor activities every English-speaker can enjoy this winter in the Russian capital!

1. Solve a mystery

Ever tried your hand at being a detective? Or participated in a real adventure looking for a treasure? If so, you should definitely form a team and take part in one of the dozens of quests available in Moscow. Some of them, for example Claustrophobia, are available in English. You have about 60 minutes to escape the room, following the plot and challenging your mind, attentiveness and agility.   

Cost: from 1,100 rubles ($17,23 ) till 8,000 rubles ($125,27 ) per team 

2. Pump your brains

Drinks or games, what sounds better? There are bars, where you can do both. Intellectual quizzes have become very popular in Russia in recent days. Some companies like ‘I know pub quiz' offer games in English with a native host - perfect way to train your logic and general knowledge and have much fun.  

Cost: 500 rubles ($7,82) per team 

3. Save the citizens from the mafia

Mafia is another game to train your logic, sense of intuition and cunning. You can play with friends, but there are also clubs like ‘Mafia Drive’ where you can play in English with strangers! 

In a classic version of ‘Mafia’ which is a little similar to ‘Wink Murder’, there are several characters: host, civilians, mafia members, the commissioner, and the doctor. Mafia plays against civilians, who have to identify the criminals. But it’s a complicated thing, as all the roles are kept in secret, while the game also has to be played with closed eyes in particular moments.

Cost: from 500 rubles ($7,82) per person  

4. Make new acquaintances 

Looking for new English-speaking friends? There are plenty of parties and international meetups held by Moscow International Events (MIE). This community organizes informal outings for English-speakers and  foreigners in popular clubs and bars in Moscow - definitely the best option for those who like clubbing! A little note – do read the description of the party before going. 

Cost: free with the password ‘international’ 

5. Visit American Moscow center events

The American Center in Moscow is the oldest American cultural space in Russia, operating since 1993. One can join their educational programs or different summer camps, or listen to a business lecture, visit  interesting exhibitions, attend a movie night or a concert. 

There is entertainment for any taste and, moreover, you can join an English-speaking club, and of course, find friends. And last but not the least, all activities are FREE!

6. Watch a movie in its original language 

Follow the good old tradition of just going to the movies. Here is your list of movie theatres showing films in their original language with subtitles.

7. Enjoy a theater performance

You couldn’t go to Russia and not visit the theater. And don’t let the language barriers stop you – there are many theaters providing subtitles for foreign visitors. Theater is one of the most popular forms of entertainment among Russians, and especially Muscovites with a full house on many stages. So you should experience this too (but don’t forget to buy tickets in advance - one, sometimes two months before the performance date). 

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