Russia's most beautiful waterfronts (PHOTOS)

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These public spaces on the water not only attract locals but have also become full-fledged urban attractions.

1. Waterfront of the Volga River, Samara

The Volga embankment in Samara is officially regarded as the longest in Russia, stretching almost 4.2 km! But its length isn’t the only unique thing about it.

The promenade along the Volga River runs through the entire city center and can be divided into four distinct parts that were built at different times. It has an inviting sandy beach where you can sunbathe or play volleyball. It also has separate cycling paths, summer cafés, monumental flights of cascading steps, conceptual art installations, singing fountains and just generally beautiful views.

2. Bruges Waterfront, Yoshkar-Ola

A corner of Europe in provincial Russia - that’s how many tourists who have visited the city describe it. Indeed, there are numerous architectural replicas of world landmarks here, from the Moscow Kremlin to St. Mark's Square in Venice. The city’s central street is made up of buildings in the Flemish style and is named after the Belgian city of Bruges. They house different ministries and official departments, but from a distance they look like old European residential buildings. The waterfront is particularly beautiful when it is lit up at night.

3. Kazanskaya Waterfront, Tula

Until just three years ago this waterfront was a scrap metal yard that belonged to an arms factory (incidentally, the oldest in Russia). But now a contemporary public space has been built beside the Upa River. You can view the northern wall of the Tula Kremlin, stroll around the Museum Quarter and relax in a wooden amphitheater overlooking the river.

4. Lake Kaban Waterfront, Kazan

Many promenades, streets and waterfronts were renovated in Kazan in preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. One of these projects was Lake Kaban in the city center. The end result is really pleasant! The waterfront now has an area for practising yoga in the open air, a children's water playground with sluices and other aquatic features, as well as several secluded piers and footpaths on different levels.

5. Waterfront in Almetyevsk

The city in Tatarstan where Tatneft has its headquarters is known as the "cycling capital of Russia." A giant network of cycling paths runs through the entire city and is used all year round. In addition, a whole series of recreational facilities for all ages has been built here. Just look at this waterfront by the city's unnamed lake! A large sandy beach that gently descends into the water, summer terraces, children's playgrounds and even a climbing area. Understandably, all the city’s public events are staged on the waterfront, so you can enjoy a concert without even getting out of the water.

6. Tsesarevich Waterfront, Vladivostok

Opened in 2012, this waterfront is particularly popular with young people in Vladivostok. Here you will find plenty of space for longboarding and cycling, conceptual art installations such as a huge chess board and a "bridge of love" for people looking for the ideal place to take classy snaps, plus simply stunning views of the ships in Golden Horn Bay.

7. Kama River Waterfront, Perm

The waterfront in this old industrial city in the Urals is adorned with an optimistic slogan: "Happiness is around the corner." Locals and tourists like to be photographed next to it.

The pedestrian waterfront has an area for art objects that change from time to time, footpaths on different levels and cozy gazebos with columns. At night the lighting is beautiful and sometimes special sound and light shows are put on.

8. Lake Onega Waterfront, Petrozavodsk

The capital of Karelia can't boast of splendid mansions or ancient fortresses, but the main attraction here is the northern scenery, and the city’s architecture only reinforces this beauty. The wide waterfront of Petrozavodsk is adorned with a sculpture of fishermen casting their nets into the lake, abstract art objects from different countries, and Karelian granite and boulders. And it is simply impossible not to fall in love with the fantastic sunsets over Lake Onega!

9. Sevkabel Port Waterfront, St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is, of course, a city filled with palaces and fountains, but it is also a major port city. In recent years the city has started converting large industrial sites into trendy public spaces. A good example is Sevkabel Port on Vasilyevsky Island. What used to be a cable manufacturing plant on the shores of the Gulf of Finland has been transformed into an enormous art space where you can go cycling along the embankment (or ice skating in the winter), snack on a craft burger or recline on soft cushion-chairs with a view of the water.

10. Krymskaya Waterfront, Moscow

Moscow has so many beautiful waterfronts that we could talk about them to no end. But arguably one of the most popular among Muscovites is the Krymskaya Waterfront next to Gorky Park, which it shares a cycle lane with. The Muzeon Park is here and has a skateboarding zone, fountains, an area for board games and an art exhibition space. Don’t miss it!


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