These Crimean cliffs resemble CHEESE! (PHOTOS)

Legion Media; @iana_mikhina
Another place for your holiday selfies, once travel to Russia returns.

You know by now that Russia is full of wonders - it’s got huge swamps the size of a European country, purple fields in Siberia, reminiscent of Provence, and even pink lakes. Crimea is certainly no exception, and joins our list of amazing locations with its ‘cheese rocks’.

The Tuzlukh cliffs in the village of Malorechenskoye (or “Malorechenka”), not far from the city of Alushta, were dubbed “cheese rocks” by locals, thanks to their curious appearance. They owe their shape to the quartzite sandstone they’re composed of. Under water and wind pressure, a multitude of small craters and holes were formed. Together with the sandstone’s characteristic yellow appearance, the picture reminds one of Swiss cheese. The location is a huge tourist draw and a hit on Instagram. 

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