Exotic Chukotka life through the eyes of Ida Taube (PHOTOS)

Endless Arctic winter, permanent frost and people who have preserved the archaic way of life…

Russian photographer and artist Ida Taube has been living for 20 years in Chukotka, researching this remote mysterious land and national culture of the indigenous people. Ida took pictures of her friends - reindeer herders, hunters, walrus tusk carvers, craftsmen working with leather and fur. And her photographs depict how much she loves the resilient and strong people of Chukotka.

“These places hold ancient secrets of how a person can be in harmony with nature, with his neighbor and with himself,” Ida says. “Chukotka changes the angle of your perception of yourself and this world and reveals the depths of individuality.”

We took a closer look at how people live on this remote peninsula. 

A keepsake card
Girls in furs
Summer rain
Lake Ravkergygytgyn (literally “clear lake”)
Beringia National Park. Sea Hunters Festival
Rockwell Kent style
Getting frozen. -40°C at Kanchalan
Whale Alley
People of Chukotka. A young guard of ancestral Totem (L)
‘Erakor’ reindeer breeders festival in Amguema
Point of reference
‘Smile of a fox’
Soccer on the edge of the world
Flowers of the Wrangel Island

Chukotka youth
Anadyr, capital of Chukotka
The charm of the pristine nature of Beringia National Park
Chukotka sun

The ‘Chukotka. Point of reference’ exhibition is on display at the State Oriental Museum in Moscow from March 10 to April 3, 2022.

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