Russia's northernmost city - Pevek

Anastasia Barey/Strana Rosatom Newspaper
Pevek is a small town in the north of Chukotka with just over 4,200 people. Many of them work in gold mining and other enterprises.

The climate is harsh: winter with -40°C frosts lasts from October to May. In addition, there is a terrible 'yuzhak' ('southern') wind that literally knocks you off your feet.

Pevek is located in a bay, at the foot of a hill that separates it from the vast tundra. The deep bay allowed the city to become a convenient port for the Northern Sea Route. The first settlement appeared in 1933 and, in 1967, Pevek became an official city.

The city is supplied with electricity by the unique ‘Akademik Lomonosov’ floating nuclear thermal power plant. This is the northernmost nuclear power plant in the world situated at 69°42'.

The locals call Pevek a city of “daisies and romantics”. Romantics - because, back in the Soviet years, enthusiasts from all over the country came to explore the Far North. And daisies - because, in the summer, a million white and yellow flowers bloom in literally every house.

As in other cities of the Far North, there are problems with transportation links to the "mainland", as well as expensive imported products.

But, there are incredible views of the hills and very bright aurora borealis (Northern Lights). 

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