50 Facts about Russians

1: Russians distrust anything cheap.

2: The English word "bargain" cannot be adequately translated into Russian.

3: Although Russians distrust anything with a cheap price, they are fine with freebies.

4: A Russian who reaches high levels of power feels it his his/her duty to put down those who don't.

5: In Russia you need to call the lazy waitresses over by aggressively yelling "Girl!"

6: One needs skills in hitting people with your elbows on the Moscow Metro.

7: In Russia you can drink beer on a park bench without getting arrested.

8: Russians gather in the kitchen and stay up very late, talking about "life".

9: Russians usually avoid talking about work.

10: During any reception in Russia people are immediately separated by gender.

11: There are a lot of police in Russia, most of whom do nothing.

12: Russians never throw anything away. Ever.

13: However, if Russians throw out half of their things, nobody notices.

14: A Russian stranger is likely to call you with familiarity, like "man" or "woman".

15: Russians don't usually say "please" or "thank you".

16: The Russian proverb "Arrogance – the second happiness" cannot be adequately translated into English.

17: Russians drink a lot of vodka. It's not a myth.

18: You don't have to fear for your life when walking the streets in Moscow alone at night.

19: Russian men are convinced that feminism has led to the collapse of the West, and Russia's historical mission: resist.

20: A myth within a myth: Russians believe that Americans believe that bears walk the streets in Moscow, but this myth of a myth is a purely Russian invention. Americans actually believe all the bears in Russia are dead.

21: Russians simply do not understand it when a foreigner from the west applies for permanent residence in Russia.

22: Dentists are very surprised when people show up for a "routine" check-up. So are doctors.

23: Russians drink tea with a centimetre of sugar on the bottom of the cup.

24: All Russians, from young to old, abuse emoticons.

25: The number of brackets in an email or sms infers the importance of a message. For instance - Birthday party tonight ) means a birthday party, but Birthday party tonight )))))) means a fantastic blow-out extravaganza.

26: Moscow has the best subway system in the world.

27: Despite having the best subway system in the world, there are millions of Muscovites who refuse to ever take it, and spend half their lives stuck in traffic.

28: A Russian will use the slightest reason to bring everyone gifts of chocolate. "It's your birthday in four and a half months? Wow! Chocolate for the entire office!"

29: Anyone who speaks a language other than Russian is automatically suspect.

30: On New Year's, don't surprised if you are invited out at 11:30 pm, drink champagne and cognac until 6 am, eat herring under a fur coat and olivia salad in a kitchen, and then party in a flat for three more days.

31: The only alcohol-free zones in Russia are McDonalds.

32: Smiling for no reason makes Russians angry.

33: Borscht, cabbage rolls and pirogies are actually Ukrainian.

34: Russians don't send their elderly to nursing homes or make their children leave after 18; instead they all live together in the same 1-bedroom flat.

35: Despite the small roads and the frustrating traffic jams, Russians still buy giant SUVs.

36: Sushi is more popular in Russia than in Japan.

37: In fact, Japan is more popular in Russia than in Japan.

38: Russians are extremely friendly if they've known you for more than ten minutes. If you've known a Russian for at least a week, you will be invited to meet their family.

39: Russians are also extremely emotional and passionate, and although they don't show emotion in public, they cry and laugh and shout and play more than Italians.

40: Russians care more about the philosophical side of living than the material, and have a folk song for every situation.

41: Most Russians are very superstitious, and new-age superstitions are en vogue.

42: Russians are passionate lovers, and will quarrel like bitter enemies and make out like porn stars in public.

43: Russians love to criticize their own country, but will be offended if a foreigner does.

44: If a cashier manages to not break anything while scanning your items, they have provided good customer service.

45: Russians love McDonald's, KFC, Subway and Burger King more than Americans.

46: Russians spoil their kids rotten, and then magically expect them to behave responsibly at the age of 18.

47: Although Russians eat more fast food than people in the west, Russians are still healthier.

48: Russians cannot do anything that requires putting a car in reverse. It can take the average Russian driver ten minutes to parallel park (I've seen it countless times).

49: Winters in Russia are actually quite beautiful, and Russians are fantastic winter drivers.

50: Russians are actually freer than westerners; there are less laws and social constraints, and yet the crime rate is lower than in the US or UK.

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