11 episodes of ‘Masha and The Bear’ cartoon you need to watch right now

The adventures of a little girl and a big bear - the most recognizable Russian cartoon series in the world. Each episode lasts just seven minutes and attracts millions of views on YouTube. Which is your favorite one?

1. And Action! 

The long winter makes Masha bored. What to do? Shoot a movie, of course! But Masha’s friends start arguing about the movie plot. Should it be about monsters? Perhaps distant planets? Or a shipwreck? Any ideas?

2. Victory Cry

The bear meets the girl of his dreams and tries to charm her. She likes tennis so he builds a tennis court in the yard. But his attempts are not really successful, so Masha decides to save the situation and organizes a tournament.

3. The Foundling

Masha finds an unknown egg and soon finds out it belongs to a penguin. Now the Bear has to take extra care (because he’s like a nanny to Masha) - for a small friend he cooks special dishes, builds an aqua park, and finally decides to send the penguin to his Motherland on a plane.

4. Self-Made Hero 

Masha tries to be a superhero but can her courage help anyone? There’s more to being a superhero than the costume...

5. Recipe For Disaster

Masha asks the Bear to feed her and interrupts him from his game. The Bear cooks porridge but Masha doesn’t like it, like all children. The Bear goes off in a huff and Masha decides to cook herself. The result is a real disaster.

6. Home-Grown Ninjas

In this episode, you’ll meet another of the Bear’s friend, Panda, who ruins the entire house during a game with Masha.

7. Bon appétit!

Panda makes Chinese dumplings but then Masha appears and offers some cooking advice. It turns into a real master class - with butterflies!

8. Hokus-Pokus

It’s raining heavily outside and the Bear is sure Masha will stay at home. But Masha wants to play with the magician’s box - she tries out all tricks from the box and the Bear soon wishes he hadn’t got involved…

9. Terrible Power!

Masha turns the kitchen into a candy factory. But she gets toothache after eating too many. Kids, take care of your teeth!

10. Home Improvement

The Bear wants to hang a new picture on the wall but it turns into a huge refurb job. Masha invites other animals to help her big friend.

11. Holiday on Ice 

Masha wants to learn skating but the Bear has fallen asleep for winter. What to do? Wake him up, of course! The Bear has no choice but here’s the good news: He finally conquers the heart of the female bear.

Do you know that Russian cartoons are not only for children? Watch these bizarre animations and share your opinion in a comments section below! 

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