Look at the alternative reality of the USSR's presence in space by a U.S. artist

Space race, continued.

The Space Race between the U.S. and the USSR started winding down when the Cold War ended - but what would have happened if the two superpowers continued trying to outdo each other? Artist Nick Gindraux from Los Angeles has imagined an alternative reality in which the Soviets build bases on the Moon and rockets transport colonists to other planets from Sheremetyevo Spaceport. Check out his work.

Red Carpet 

A red Soviet star being painted on the surface of the Moon.

Communications Station

A communication station looms large, connecting space explorers to humans on Earth.

Commercial Launch Site

Russian rockets are sent to Mars from Sheremetyevo Spaceport.

Spaceport Cross Section

The interior and exterior of Sheremetyevo Spaceport.

Space Pylons

Two astronauts examine a huge pylon.

Space Skiff Crash

Heavy rover "Scythian" has crashed in the lunar foothills. The young navigator Soloviev pulls out the wounded driver Bykov. He has to drag his friend for 30 km to the nearest module, but everything will be fine.

Space Radome

Setting up shop on the Moon.

Russian Mech

You can never rule out an alien invasion.

Russian Mech (2)

Star wars.

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