10 Russian songs for your ultimate New Year’s playlist

Why not add some Russian flavor to your Christmas and New Year parties? Check out these atmospheric tunes we’ve handpicked for you - nostalgic Soviet songs mixed with contemporary pop and rap music will make you want to dance, sing along, and raise a glass of champagne in the air!

1. Antokha MC, Ivan Dorn - “Novogodnaya”

2. Mumiy Troll - “S Novym Godom, Kroshka”

3.  Diskoteka Avariya - “Novogodnaya”

4. Eduard Hil - “Zima”

5. Ptakha - “Mandariny”

6. Zemfira - “Sneg”

7. VIA “Dobry Molodtsy” - “Pesnya o Snezhinke”

8. Steklovata – “Novy God”

9. Alsou - “Zimny Son”

10. Aida Semyonovna - “Lesnoy Olen’”

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