Why Soviet work safety posters resembled horror movies

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These posters were intended to prevent industrial accidents and injuries. But they looked more like scenes from horror movies, and more likely made workers fearful. Take a look for yourself.

Do not walk under the transmission shaft

Securely fasten everything on the plank beds

Workers above. Do not stand under the post

Cover your hair

Do not open the covers above the swingle until the machine comes to a complete halt

Watch out for the buffers

Do not clutter the work area

Look where you are stepping

Know what to do if someone is electrocuted. If disconnection is not possible, cut the wires

Securely attach yourself when working on roofs

Do not extinguish the electromotor with water. Water conducts electricity

Do not remove the drive belt with your foot

Don't attach the belt when in motion

Bend the nails

Caution when using a hoe

Caution when using a pitchfork

Do not step on dropped fish

Lay the bricks correctly

Do not check the voltage with your finger

Beware of getting hit by the fish scoop!

Look where you're walking

Caution when stretching the wires

Do not carry bottles without caps (the sign on the bottle reads “acid”)

Watch out for spray. It will burn

I was drunk at work!

Do not wipe the drum when in motion

Do not use a sledgehammer if loosely attached

Daydreamer, do not maim your friends!

Put the elbow rest closer to the stone

Be more careful with the shovel

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