New theme train ‘Russia Focused on the Future’ has started running on the Moscow Circle Line

New theme train ‘Russia Focused on the Future’

New theme train ‘Russia Focused on the Future’

Moskva Agency
“Of course, nobody thinks the future is running in a circle”

The Moscow Metro has unveiled a new themed train named ‘Russia Focused on the Future’, which is dedicated to a Manezh exhibition of the same name.

However, recent visitors have expressed irony at the fact that the train is running on the Circle Line… “They are looking for the future on a circle”, said users.

But Moscow metro press secretary Nadezhda Dorzhieva refuses see the humor in this: “And why is this strange? The Circle Line is one of the most used, so quite a lot of passengers will see this train. Of course, nobody thinks this [the future] is running in a circle”.

This is the 24th train that the Moscow Metro has decorated especially. Like the Manezh exhibition, the train depicts Moscow transport, energy, IT technology infrastructure and large urban projects.

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