5 tips for a happy life with a Russian woman

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You’ll never be bored with a Russian wife or girlfriend: There will be drama, love, romance, fights, breakups, and makeups - so here a few tips to help you keep things in check.

1. Compliment her looks

Russian women know they are beautiful but an extra reminder is always much appreciated. Russian girls are famous for perfectionism when it comes to their looks. Even if she’s worked for ten hours and then spent two more in a traffic jam, she’ll make sure to paint her nails and do her hair. 

A Russian woman meticulously picks a dress even for the dinner at home. She does it for her own pleasure initially, but a compliment would make her twice as happy.

“You look gorgeous!” (“Prekrasno vyglyadish” in Russian) is your most universal one-liner. In case you need something more sophisticated for a change, some lines from Russian poetry such as “The wondrous moment of our meeting” by Alexander Pushkin will surely melt her heart.

2. Drink some tea with her 

A simple way to show her you care: Have a heart-to-heart talk over a cup of tea. Russians drink tea to warm up, to energize, to relax, to talk about important issues, and to philosophize.

3. Wash the dishes

Living with a Russian “devushka” (girlfriend or female) can spoil you quickly because due to a conservative upbringing she might be used to doing most of the housework on her own. Women in Russia work on their careers as much as men, however, the idea that a woman should take care of the house and children is still prevalent in society (less in big cities like Moscow, more in the regions). She may not ask you for help, but will always be very grateful for it. Simply put, wash the dishes. Take that garbage out. And if you do more household duties, she will for sure tell her family and friends how caring you are.

4. Organize a surprise date

Russian women are romantic beings. Even though they are capable of doing practically everything on their own, take the initiative and surprise her with a date out of the blue. Use your imagination (and do some research on where to go in Russia with the help of our articles).

The Muzeon outdoor museum of sculpture in Moscow, the Street Art Museum in St. Petersburg, or escaping for a weekend to Veliky Novgorod are just some options. Inviting her to the theater, an art exhibition are also safe bets.

5. Strive for perfection 

Russian women are famous for being beautiful and feminine, but they may also be very demanding of themselves, and, as a consequence, to their partners. Well-educated and elegant, they seek for constant self-development, and it may be not easy to keep up.

The quote “My dear, here we must run as fast as we can, just to stay in place,” (Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland) perfectly describes the lifestyle of a Russian lady. And you should run twice as fast to make sure you never get left behind.

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