Toddler saves mother from snow ‘avalanche’

Women was pulled to safety by her daughter moments before snow fell from building in Russia’s North.

A mother and daughter in Russia’s Murmansk Region (1,500 north of Moscow) narrowly avoided being crushed by snow – which fell from a building’s roof – after the little girl, not even two-years-old, unknowingly pulled her mother to one side moments before.

The Investigative Committee of Russia reported the news on its Telegram channel and posted a video.

You can see two women and the child standing near the entrance to a building. The girl leads her mother a few meters to the left by the hand before a huge pile of snow flattens the other woman and forces the mother and daughter to the ground. All three are now safe.

This year’s winter has been particularly cold in Russia, but this hasn’t stopped the brave residents of Oymyakon riding bikes outside in -60°C degrees, children having freezing water poured on them, and inviting Leo DiCaprio to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge after he spoke about climate change.

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