'Pimp my ride' à la russe: 25 shocking automobile upgrades

Ramil Sitdikov/Sputnik
Watch Russians go wild on four-wheel beasts to the point of no return.
  1. Lambo doors and sports spoiler for better aerodynamics: this Lada is more than ready for a drag race.
  1. Want a leisurely and relaxed drive? This “wind-in-your-hair” version is what you need.
  1. Dramatic lowering of homemade cars is common in Russia’s south. Add tinted windows and hardbass music to make you feel like a real Russian gangsta.
  1. More of this beauty.
  1. A little more because we know you just can’t get enough.
  1. More creative car pimping. Fluffy exterior makes the car irresistible to pat.
  1. Boys will be boys, and no Russian man tolerates fluffy. They all opt for aggressive looks.
  1. The more aggressive it looks the better.
  1. Snakes are a symbol of brutal manliness, especially when you use it as your truck’s bumper.


  1. Put one car on top of the other to get a completely new and fresh-looking vehicle.
  1. Various combinations of this style are available.
  1. A real monster car.
  1. We’re not sure if it flies, but this engineering masterpiece looks like one hell of a helicopter.
  1. Russian military fans like to modify their cars so that they look like tanks.
  1. Good ol’ sports themes are the most popular in the Motherland.
  1. Faster, Higher, Stronger…
  1. Two red stripes is the deal for many Russian car connoisseurs.
  1. Fire on the hood is classic.
  1. This is what you get when you have a highly developed aesthetic taste but no money.
  1. A piece of Russia always travels with this guy.
  1. Planning an unforgettable wedding party. Consider this.
  1. This is what ‘retro’ means in Russia.
  1. Jack Sparrow is sidelined by this Russian pirate.
  1. Can’t see because the mirror is broken? No worries…
  1. Nobody comes close to your “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” with this security system.


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