10 handmade Russian objects to brighten up your apartment

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Looking for something more than just a Russian souvenir? Check out these unusual items handcrafted by local artisans that are guaranteed to impress your guests.

1. Wooden board

“The heart of a lotus” wooden board by Russian artisan Dennis Brykov from Chekhov is made from solid oak and finished with linseed oil. Like all kitchenware that Dennis creates, it has a symbolic meaning: A lotus with a golden seed portrays beauty and the perfection of life, while the spiral symbolizes constant growth and development.

2. Leather armchair with metal frame

If you’d like to give your apartment a trendy loft-like look, this chair is for you, created by the Pskov-based Yasen Krasen design studio. It may look minimalistic, but it’s also pretty comfortable.

3. Hanger

With this hanger made in the Russian city of Tomsk, your hallway will impress visitors the moment they walk through the door. Called a “piano tab,” the hanger has a space-saving design and natural appearance.

4. Bear panel

A symbol of endurance and power (and of Russia, of course) this bear will brighten up anyone’s mood. Handmade by a female artisan from Moscow from different kinds of wood, it suits any kind of interior and can be adjusted in size.

5. Ceramic plate

This plate made in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don will make breakfast more enjoyable (although you might have difficulty picking out your blueberries).

6. Stained-glass lamp

Made by the Moscow-based Delo Kontura bureau this lamp has an unusual bubbly texture and is made from stained-glass fragments to give it an oriental look. Perfect for any boho style apartment.

7. Ceramic napkin holder

Not only will this rhino keep your napkins or business cards tidy, you can also highlight the animal’s plight against illegal poaching. It’s only a small thing, but it will make a big impact. It’s made by artisans in the Russian capital.

8. Phyto picture made from moss

Thanks to Moscow-based artisans, Russians can hang this extraordinary phyto picture at home. The moss is stabilized and can stay fresh and soft for up to eight years. Why not get one to add a bit more nature to an office or apartment?

9. Nixie tube clock

Want something truly unique? Check out these exclusive clocks by Moscow-based firm Past Indicator. They are made with authentic Soviet tubes from the 70s and 80s, and they show the time. The production of nixie tubes stopped in 1993 so the company only produces a limited number of clocks each month (100). All of them also feature hand-crafted cases made of wood, brass, natural marble, and leather.

10. Ceramic clock

Another unusual handmade clock, this time with a tropical look. Made by the KERAMLIKA ceramic studio in Moscow, it’s truly unique.

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