‘If Russia wins I’ll…’ 10 of the craziest World Cup pledges made by fans

Sergei Kiselev/Moskva Agency
On July 1, Russia’s football team made sure they will be remembered forever by defeating Spain on penalties inside a packed Luzhniki stadium. The players were serious underdogs going into the game, so much so that many fans promised to do ridiculous things if they beat “La Rojo,” a team ranked 60 places above Russia. And then the impossible happened. 

1) Famous Russian singer T-killah promised his wife he’ll get a tattoo on his face if Russia won. Ouch. 

2) If Russia wins, I’ll give up drinking 


3) Seems like Russian girls are crazy about naturalized Brazilian football player Mario Fernandes, as some promised to get a tattoo of him if we win the game. 


4)  A German promised me 500 Euros if Russia wins 2:1. Today, on my way to work I’m going to visit the church. 


5) If Russia wins, I’ll shave my head.


6) If Russia wins, I’ll buy the Reeboks [sneakers] of my dreams and dye my hair dark brown.

7) Someone probably became the happiest person on Earth after her dad promised her an iPhone if Russia won…her daddy went somewhere once the game ended.


8)  I said yesterday that if Russia wins, I’ll dye my hair blonde...why did I say that?


9)  If Russia wins I’ll adopt a dog from an animal orphanage. 


10)  If Russia wins, I’ll start a diet.


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