Russia to resume investigations into mysterious Dyatlov Pass Incident

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One of the most baffling cases in Russian history – the 1959 Dyatlov Pass Incident in the Urals – has been a topic of hot debate for 60 years now, and the Russian authorities are reopening the case once again.

On Feb. 1 the Russian Prosecutor General's Office announced that it’s going to carry out a large-scale investigation into the deaths of the Dyatlov group to find out what really happened. "The Proseсutor's Office decided to look into the case, because many people – relatives, the press, and public activists – ask us to find out the truth," said Alexander Kurennoy, an official representative of the Prosecutor's Office.

Back in May 1959, after the official investigation into the bizarre deaths of nine young hikers, it was concluded that the tragedy came as a result of "a force that the tourist group was unable to overcome." This gave rise to more than 70 theories and much speculation, including the involvement of aliens, a Bigfoot, and paranormal forces.

What the authorities plan to do now is to look into the three theories considered the most likely. "It could have be an avalanche, a so-called "snow slide" (an avalanche containing ice and snow) or a storm," Kurennoy said, adding that the winds are very strong in the vicinity of the Kholatchakhl Mount  ("The Dead Mountain") where the tragedy took place.

Besides, the investigators together with experts will carry out nine examinations, including forensic, medical, and psychological tests that might shed new light on the story.

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