20 cars that have been pimped, Russian style (PHOTOS)

Handicraft-inspired paint jobs, barb wire, diamonds, and women’s tights.

1. This SUV was spotted on the outskirts of Moscow. Apparently it once belonged to a Russian chanson singer.

2. The Lada 2105 was one of the most popular models during late Soviet Union. It’s been decorated like a jewelry box in the Palekh style (a type of Russian miniature painting).

3. “When you want a foreign car, but don’t have enough money…”

4. Do you still believe the stereotype that Russians only wear Adidas tracksuits? You’re right!

5. Yes, those really are women’s tights stretched over the rear lights.

6. If you don’t see this car coming, you’re guaranteed to see it going.

7. Perhaps a wannabe pirate owns this ride in Kursk.

8. Russia’s own Lightning McQueen in the Leningrad Region.

9. This car is riveting...

10. Installing a rose on the gear stick was very common in the USSR, not so much these days.

11. This car is perfect for an eco-warrior, but only if it runs on electricity. 

12. This car could belong to Marvel’s Thing, well, half of it at least.

13. Money, money, money…

14. Russians jokingly refer to Chelyabinsk as “Russia’s toughest city.” Here’s why...

15. This paint job is for the city jungles of Krasnodar.

16. An armored Cadillac Fleetwood on sale in Moscow. The owner says he’s ready to swap it for a Gazelle.

17. She’s flashing me!

18. Rihanna says “Shine bright like a diamond.”

19. Pamela Anderson circa 1996 needs this car.

20. “I am Groot!”

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