20 weirdos spotted on the Moscow subway (PHOTOS)

Moscow Metro Fashion
Russian social media is bursting with pics of aliens who’ve just arrived to Earth and still learning about the concept of clothing. These fashion ‘outliers’ really had it coming.

1. Beware of the Cupid. That trickster is down here somewhere, and he means business! 

2. Girl dressed up as Deadpool, or Deadpool disguised as a girl? We can’t tell… 

3. "But I demanded a carriage!"

4. The super-rare "party monster" species spotted on the metro. 

5. A self-delivering Christmas tree. 

6. Even The Flash can’t beat the Moscow tube for efficiency! 

7. Dacha here, dacha there, dacha season everywhere! 

8. Shouldn’t this modern-day Raskolnikov be at Dostoyevskaya station… 

9. Russian women know how to please men: combining sexuality with chicken nuggets! 

10. The legendary "Abibas." Some people just have all the coolest limited edition stuff.  

11. Roses and tulips are so yesterday... 

12. Not a cat lover, we’re guessing. 

13. Off to GothCon. 

14. Make yourself at home. Literally. 

15. Only an apex predator can survive our urban jungle. 

16. The color was inexplicably trendy this season. 

17. It’s the Mad Empress herself! 

18. Enough mayo to give the whole party a heart attack? Business as usual here. 

19. Everybody wants to be on TV these days. 

20. This guy is "flying high." In every sense…

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