7 Russians songs for your New Year’s playlist (TURN UP THE VOLUME!)

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The cream of modern Russian pop music with a comic twist. Play these tracks before and after midnight countdown to give the night a Russian flavor!

1. Leningrad – Antidepressants

The song for everybody who feels a bit tired at the end of the year. When you were a kid, you asked Santa about toys and sweets. Adults ask for less depression.

Not a toy railroad, nor a bottle of whiskey.

Bring me something more modern on your reindeer!

Bring me antidepressants, Santa.

2. The Hatters – Ded Moroz Doesn’t Show Tears

When you gonna have fun, Ded Moroz (Russian Santa) will work hard. But despite his age he keeps bringing joy to the people. And the only thing that could upset him is when adults don’t believe in his existence.

There are icy tears on the kind face

When adults don’t believe in Ded Moroz.

Ded Moroz doesn’t show tears,

He will manage anything – but only once a year.

3. GAYAZOV$ BROTHER$ - Take Me to a Deep House Party

The year is about to finish… it’s time to have a rest and chill out. Say, at deep house party with a nice company. Why not?

Dance like it’s your last time

And like demons in the eyes, for love and scum,

And like kvass [traditional Russian drink] is frozen in your heart.

Friday comes, everyone's staring

Under this techno style, the sound is a solid matrix

I'll approach you before I see you, and what?

Exchanging glances, take me to a deep house party.

4. RASA – Beekeeper

Don’t think what this song is about, ok? Let’s pretend it’s about relationships.

You're a bee – I'm a beekeeper,

And we both like honey

And I will be lucky, and in the dance we’ll be carried away.

Bzzz… bzzz.. bzzz… we are just bees

Bzzz… bzzz.. bzzz… we are ready for everything

5. Egor Kreed – Heartbreaker

The young singer has conquered the hearts of millions of Russians girls – but this song is about a girl, who conquered his.

Heartbreaker, heart-heartbreaker,

You play with us the Russian roulette.

Five live shots, one blank.

How many grooms have you already killed, huh?

6. Miko – Trendy Girl

One guy saw the TikTok profile of this girl – and just could not forget her. 

She is a trendy girl, a girl on top,

I saw her dancing, dancing in TikTok.

She likes “likes”, “likes”, “likes”,

How can I find her?

7. Little Big - Go Bananas

A very funny dance video from the famous Little Big to make the party last all night long!

I'm gonna go nuts right now

I'm gonna, I'm gonna fruits right now (Wooh!)

I'm gonna lose my mind

I'm gonna, I'm gonna lose my mind (Wooh!)

Go bananas, be like Banana Man

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