10 BIZARRE home designs from Russia you’ll wish you’d never seen (PHOTOS)

Kak v luchshikh domakh Parizhu/vk.com
Ever wondered what Russian homes look like on the inside? Here’s your chance to take a peek - and even learn a hack or two for your own crib (if you manage to make it to the end of this listicle)!

As we’ve revealed before, there are many things about Russian homes that usually surprise a foreigner, and the dominance of apartment living across the country is one of these things.

How can one make the best of these not-so-spacious apartments (sometimes even smaller than 60 square meters)? In some cases, this leads to the following “bursts of creativity” reflecting their owners’ peculiar sense of design… and it’s not what you’d see every day, even by Russian standards.

1. When “Jurassic Park” is your favorite movie... 

2. Feeling kinda blue? 

3. If the Man of Steel or C-3PO lived in Russia...

4. No, it’s not Photoshop. Someone just needed a bit of nature in their life. 

5. When you feel like a king or a queen, the apartment should reflect that, right? 

6. A little gold never hurt nobody. 

7. When your bathroom is too small, you just have to be creative... Option #1

8. Option #2

9. No comment 

10. Now you’ll never have to choose between playing the piano and reading...

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