Russian fans redraw Sailor Moon (PICS)

It seems that Russians are among the most ardent admirers of the beautiful warrior princess from the Japanese manga series. True, in some of the drawings she is nowhere to be seen.

The new #sailormoonredraw challenge has taken Twitter by storm. The purpose is to redraw a still frame from the popular Sailor Moon anime. Russian artists present their vision of the cartoon heroine.

User @ban_dar_log drew a realistic version of Usagi Tsukino.

“Pretty standard, but cute,” @SaiprinSK commented on her own work.

Russian illustrator Ilya Kuvshinov, who created characters for the Ghost in the Shell reboot, updated the character with a useful accessory. 

Instead of a drawing, @nellySWL  cosplayed the anime heroine. 

@H0lYSATURNi went beyond the scope of the challenge by depicting Sailor Saturn.

In the interpretation of @DrunkFaun, Sailor Moon looks more like an Instagram diva. 

@HamsyMart revealed the heroine’s feline side. 

Meanwhile, user @_Konia_   decided to change the character's gender. 

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