Why and where do people eat ‘stones’ in Moscow?

Although in the summer Muscovites can't wait to leave the noisy metropolis and head for the sea, Moscow restaurateurs try to satisfy people’s thoughts of summer at least to some degree by putting "beach pebbles" on the menu.

The first people to serve up “stones” were not in Moscow but in Spain, some 10 years ago. Andoni Aduriz made them from edible clay and chef Quique Dacosta from foam frozen in liquid nitrogen. They proved to be unusually tasty. Let's have a look at what stones are being served in Moscow right now, and where you can try them.

Stone pies

In his restaurant Christian, which is decorated in the style of an old Tuscan farmhouse, chef Christian Lorenzini offers his guests stone pies (380 rubles). Lorenzini makes pies (pirozhki) from wheat flour to which he adds cuttlefish ink, scamorza cheese, mozzarella, and savoy cabbage. The pies are served on hay and look very natural. Waiters have to warn diners: "Careful, there are real stones among the edible ones."

Building1A, 2/1 Kutuzovsky Prospekt


Mousse in a stone

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In the newly opened Japanese-style NEKO bar it’s worth trying not only the sushi and sophisticated cocktails but also the desserts - for example, coconut and lime mousse with mango (350 rubles). The guise of a stone here is masterfully adopted by milk chocolate with a liquid mango mousse filling and a layer of coconut sponge.

5, Bolshoi Putinkovsky Pereulok


Pearl by the Sea 

In the restaurant Ryba Moya (My Fish) pudding is a real treasure. It’s served in the form of a pearl in a shell. The stones are made from dark chocolate mousse, sponge, and berry sauce, while the shell is made from white chocolate and the pearl from sponge and two types of mousse. This 'pearl by the sea' will set you back 520 rubles.

21, 1st Tverskaya-Yamskaya Ulitsa


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