Top 7 food delivery services in Moscow

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Ever been hungry in Moscow, but too lazy to go out for a meal? These online services will come in handy. Order dishes from restaurants or products with recipes for easy cooking at home. They are all in Russian, but Google Translate, photos, or Russian friends can help out.

Restaurant meals

1. Delivery Club

This website combines hundreds of food delivery services in Moscow, listing more than 5,000 restaurants. The service is free, that is, you only pay for what you order. Only this site lets you compare prices and time of delivery (usually 30-60 minutes).

2. Yandex.Eda(Yandex.Food)

This service is ideal if you want to order fast food, Italian, Japanese, or Georgian cuisine. Only famous restaurants are listed, and the punctuality of the delivery guys is closely monitored. The average order takes 33 minutes to arrive. Delivery covers Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, and 20 other cities across Russia. 

Product sets with recipes

3. Partiya Edy(Consignment of Food)

This is a great service if you want to cook dinner for friends in 30 minutes. You can order food for 3 or 5 meals, for 2 or 4 people. You receive a large box of pre-packaged groceries. Chilled meat and dairy products are sent in a thermopacket. Included is a recipe with step-by-step instructions and photos. Besides meals, you can order sets for soup, breakfast, desserts, and smoothies.

3 meals for two costs 2,395 rubles, a box of groceries for 5 juicy smoothies for two 1,772 rubles, and 5 children’s meals 1,328 rubles.

The menu is varied with classic, family, and vegetarian dinner options, plus 10-minute meals. If you don’t like a particular dish, you can replace it.

Free delivery in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and within a 30km radius of them. 

4. Elementaree

If you only have 15 minutes to spare on cooking, this service is for you. Fresh, sliced ​​ingredients are delivered to your door in special packages. There is no need to peel potatoes or cry over onions. It comes with an original sauce, and all spices and noodles are weighed out to the gram. The only extras required are salt and oil, plus the greens need to be washed. There are instructions for each dish and photos of how they should look when ready.

The first 5 meals for two can be ordered at the promo price of 1,850 rubles; the usual menu price per day is 2,500 rubles. The service lets you order dishes for 3-7 days and unselect any ingredients you don’t want. The menu is updated every week. Delivery in Moscow is free. 

Diet food

5. Dellos Delivery Diet

Who can resist vegetable borsch with cherries? Dieting does not mean an end to haute cuisine — as proved by this diet food service from the restaurant group Maison Dellos. The menu is the work of Dmitry Eremeev, head chef of Turandot Restaurant, together with a dietician. The Detox vegan program, for instance, provides a minimal daily calorie intake of just 1,000-1,200 kcal, and costs 3,500 rubles per day. There are also programs for those looking to lose weight more measuredly.

The menu is designed for a week on average, but it is possible to order a trial day or individual dishes. Ordered food is delivered in the morning inside a thermo bag. All dishes are labeled and packed in lunchboxes, in which they can be heated up. The set also includes disposable cutlery, structured water, and tea.

Delivery inside the Moscow Ring Road is free. 

6. D-light

The principle behind this service is similar, but with more familiar dishes. It offers healthy food for the whole day, including snacks in the form of baked apples or kissel (a sweet jelly drink). There is a quick weight loss program (lite menu), or a business menu for the longer term. Two lite program trial days cost 1,800 rubles; the business menu is 2,600 rubles.

Also available is a premium menu with various programs for vegetarians, athletes, pregnant women, and seafood lovers. Delivery inside the Moscow Ring Road is free. 

Market products

7. MoscowFresh

If it’s delicacies you want, you’ve come to the right place. This service delivers products from Moscow’s central markets: from farm cottage cheese and domestic meat to exotic fruits. It offers a large selection of fish and seafood, chilled and frozen. Be sure to check out the smelt from Murmansk Region, and the North Kuril scallops and Kamchatka crab meat from the Far East. Select what products you want from the online photos, place an order, and get wood stove-baked bread and other goodies delivered to your door. No haggling necessary!

Delivery inside the Moscow Ring Road (290 rubles or free for orders over 5,000 rubles) and in the west of Moscow Region. 

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