Russia’s most awesome stories that you might have missed: Sept. 23-29

1. 5 great ballerinas who made Russian ballet #1 in the world

Matilda Kschessinska in the title role of the ballet La Esmeralda. Found in the collection of State Museum of Theatre and Music, St Petersburg

Everyone likes Russian ballet - the beauty and elegance of the dancers ismesmerising. In this article Russia Beyond highlights some of the lesser known ballerinas in the West, who propelled the art into the stratosphere.

2. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Russian Revolution

Preparations for the assault of the Winter Palace, October 1917, Petrograd

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Revolution in Russia. We’ve already written loads of interesting things to celebrate this date. Here is a digest of them all.

3. The best photos from Moscow’s brand new park will make your jaw drop

This September Moscow celebrated its 870th anniversary (impressive, isn't it?) and the city was given an amazing new public space as a present: Zaryadye Park, right next to the Kremlin. We’ve collected a selection of photos showing this stunning place.

4. Why do Russians applaud on planes?

Ever flown with Russians? Then you’ve probably experienced them clapping when the plane lands - but why do they do this? Russia Beyond answers this very pressing question, so you’re able to sleep at night.

5. America through the Russian eyes

'Washington. Capitol' by Alexander Deineka

This week we published two articles devoted to famous Russians touring the U.S.: The first featured sketches by artist Alexander Deineka of America during the Great Depression, and the second highlights quotes by writers from Maxim Gorky to Ilf and Petrov - who traversed the Atlantic Ocean to witness the New World.

6. When in doubt always add dill: Deconstructing Russia’s ubiquitous green herb

Pasta with dill

Foreigners are always shocked by the amount of dill in Russian cuisine - there’s no escaping the stuff. It can even be found in ice cream. Love it or hate it, you must read this article.

7. 7 Russian songs about the U.S.: Why San Francisco is a city in the style of disco

Friday is a party day, so if you’re planning on inviting friends to your place or simply sitting at home alone, make sure to turn on this playlist and practise your moves!

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