Tips from Russian beauties: How to look classy

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In the eyes of many Russian women, female beauty means simply knowing how to present yourself: Looks aren’t always the most important thing. For them, true beauty is a combination of naturalness and health. Russia Beyond shows you how Moscow girls always manage to look 100 top notch!

1. Soft, well groomedhair

In Russia, hair is one of the most important aspects of female beauty. While Russian beauties previously lived by the mantra “longer is better,” they now agree that taking good care of your hair is the most important thing, even if it’s short. At the end of the day, shiny, healthy hair coiffed into a short, stylish haircut can often look better than a longer bob.

2. Important trifles

Russian hotties always notice the following things:

- Broken-in heels

- Well-worn bag handles and edges

- Accessories on show

- Lint roller on hand

- Stretched tights

“You could be wearing an expensive jacket for nothing if you have fluff on your sweater! It’s so easy to remove using a special machine, or even just a razor. When you take care of your things, you take care of yourself,” economist Maria Kachegina told Russia Beyond.

3. Underwear

An elegant lady cannot allow herself to have her underwear on show. “It looks so much better when a woman has no bra or underwear on, compared to when her straps are protruding or when the outline of her knickers is visible,” says actress Yana Naumova.

4. Cheap clothes that look expensive

According to marketing expert Nvard Stepanyan, “looking high-class means wearing clothes that fit you perfectly.” Buying the perfect item is extremely difficult, so Russian girls often use alteration services to their advantage - they might buy a cheap garment in any old shop, and then take it from there. “You can buy trousers for 2,000 rubles ($35) and get them sewn for 3,000 ($50), and they’ll look like they cost 30,000 ($515)!”

5. Classy colors

Every single girl we asked agreed that in order to look genuinely sophisticated, you should buy clothes of a neutral shade. “The most expensive-looking colors are beige, black, grey, and white,” Nvard says.

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