Moscow or New York - which is cheaper? (INFOGRAPHIC)

From housing and transportation to clothes and cat food - check how your basic expenses compare to those in the most expensive cities of Russia and the U.S.

The two most important, dynamic and costly cities in the U.S. and Russia - New York and Moscow - might seem very different from each other, but, as we have shown before, they have some things in common. Both never sleep, each caters to every need and desire of millions of stressed and well-off professionals, and both are quite different from the rest of their countries. They are both centers of modernization with a concentration of highly-educated people who often generate progress. But how is living there different from one another?

Surfing through the internet these days, one can find a 1980 infographic from Time magazine comparing the cost of living in Moscow (then the capital of the USSR) and New York. Those days are far behind, but has anything changed since then? We decided to update the infographic with current prices - looks like it’d still be very difficult to live on a Russian salary in the Big Apple!

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